Saturday, March 30, 2013

Movie Review: Himmatwaala

There are three ways to look at Himmatwaala.

1. As a comedy-action movie, set in the 80s. Do that, and you will tear your hair out, and return home with a migraine.

2. As a remake of the old Himmatwaale. Do that, and in addition to tearing your hair out and suffering the migraine, you will also go crazy wondering why in the world would anyone remake such a pathetic movie, and then manage to make it so badly.

3. Remember, this is a spoof of a mediocre movie from the 80s. Do that, and you will evoke beautiful memories of life-as-it-used-to-be-in-the-80s, laugh at the silliness of the jokes, the hamming in the dialogues, the plight of the poor gaav vale, the plight of the budhi maa, the tragedy of the behen, and the bravery of the hero, who does maa behen of the evil sarpanch and his side kick. You will holler and hoot when Ajay delivers his trademark Singham dialogue, you will roll with laughter when the crabs get into the pyjamas and inspire the railgaadi dance. You will enjoy the fight with the bullock cart and the temple bells, you will love the scene with the tiger. Yes, the sad scenes will make you cringe, but then the silly songs will make it all worth while.

And oh yes, DO NOT miss Sonakshi's item song, Thank God It's Friday, right at the beginning of the movie. She looks ravishing, and it's a treat to see her moves.

Ajay does a good job as the Himmatwaala, and is ably supported by a gorgeous looking Tamanna. Paresh Rawal and Mahesh Manjrekar deliver too! And you cannot help but love the desi Richard Parker.

So, should you watch the movie? For 1 and 2 - NO. For 3 - YES!

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