Saturday, March 02, 2013

Why Not Go After Polluting Vehicles?

It's been some time now since the honorable SC of India censured the police for not taking strict action against vehicles with tinted windows, in line with an earlier judgement preventing any form of modification of the vehicle's OEM windows. For more than a year now, cops have been pulling over vehicles with tints, fining them, and in many cases, tearing off the films on the spot.

One wonders, why not show similar intent and action in curbing pollution? Why not make sure that trucks, buses and polluting autorickshaws are taken to task, and pulled off the road? Why make already-fine sedans spend money on PUC certificates issued by shady vans parked by the road, while smoke belching heavy vehicles and rickshaws ply on our roads with impunity, with no action taken whatsoever?

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