Sunday, March 10, 2013

Frustrating Ads

There's a sudden burst of really irritating ads that are driving me crazy on TV these days - Apollo Munich with Dada and some inexplicable toys. Maida in your biscuits, exploding on your face. And the really gets-on-my-nerves khushi ka khaata khole with red on B&W and the irritating jingle to go with it. And the worst thing, it's like they have taken a full package. They come at every break!

Meanwhile, the new Slice ad with Kat is just super - Kat looks as delicious as the Slice, but what's really amazing is the place where it's been shot. Just paradise!

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Aafreen said...

Slice ad is beauty but no brains :)And you forget the epitome of a frustrating ad : "Papa hum chhuttiyo me kab ghoomne jayenge.. aapne jhooth kyu bola; ghar ki EMI dene ke baad kuch bachta hai kya?"
There can't be anything more annoying than this wordy and dumb ad with no music! On the other hand, I found the new Greenply Plywood ad starring Arjun Rampal to be really catchy. It is so full of suspense and fits perfectly with their slogan "Forever New" :)