Friday, March 29, 2013

Trip to Kashid & Murud-Zanzeera (Day 2)

Day 2 began with a quick trip to the restaurant for chai, and breakfast. By the way, a trip meant calling the electric golf cart and hitching a thrilling ride through the campus! We had a great time riding around on the cart.

After breakfast, we checked out with a heavy heart, and left for Murud. Some beautiful views along the way - including this palatial mansion of the Nawabs of Murud.

Murud beach itself was a disappointment, but check out this amazing sight of this huge bat colony! Unbelievable! And unlike what I have heard, they were very much active in the heat of the afternoon, gliding around like tiny batmen :)

We had lunch at Patil's Khanaval at Murud beach. Nice, open restaurant with very good thali, and the add-ons were great too, but I found it a tad expensive, especially for the extra stuff we ordered.

By early afternoon, we reached the dock from where we caught a quaint sailboat to Zanzeera Fort, an amazing 22 acre edifice (mostly ruins though) off the coast, surrounded by the sea.

I was constantly reminded, all day, of my earlier trip to these parts, way back more than 5 years, when we came on a office trip, and I ended up making some amazing friends on that trip!

Finally, back on shore, we wrapped up the day, and left for Pune, via Roha and Khopoli, home safe and sound by 645 pm.

A great trip, lots of fun, and lots of beautiful memories for ever!

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