Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Review: The Oath Of The Vayuputras

In this third and final instalment of the Shiva Trilogy, the focus shifts to the battle between the Good and the Evil, and Shiva's mission to eridicate the Somras, that elixir of life that's served Meluha so wonderfully for centuries, but has now turned evil - the source of poisoning of the country's rivers, the drying up of the Saraswati, and deformities in the Nagas. Shiva, along with the Vasudevs, Nagas and the Brangas, must now fight against the alliance of Meluha, Ayodhya and Magadh, in the ultimate war, which will tear apart Shiva's closest aides, friends and family, as they fight for their country and for their principles.

The book starts off very slow, with dozens of characters, and long winded debates and discussions on Good and Evil, draining the reader. And if you haven't read the first two books, this one will be almost incomprehensible. But, if you are patient, the narration picks up pace with the war, and Amish excels in visualizing the setup and strategies of the battles, presenting some amazing material for the movie to follow soon! From tortoise formations, to the giant fighting elephants, from the nuclear arms to the fantasy-like land of Pariha, Amish manages to weave a fantasy you can recreate for all those long nights when your kid wants you to read him a story!

Amish ends with another long winded piece that you will want to skim through quickly, but ends well with how these battles, the science, the philosophies of these learned men, ended up in our holy books and tales.

A good read, but not something you cannot put down.

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