Monday, March 11, 2013

Contacts - Status Update

With more than two months gone since I started using lenses, I think this is a good time for a quick update.

My vision is great - much better than with specs. I have not had a single headache since I began using the lenses - whereas before, headaches were rampant, at least 1-2 times a week. In the last 60-75 days, there have been a couple of days when my lenses/eyes seemed to blur and smudge by the time it was late evening, but that's it. No other issues. Haven't yet got anything in my eye, no irritation, no foreign object.

There were a couple of times when wearing and taking off the lenses got really complicated, but it was more to do with what was going in my mind. Today, cleaning and wearing them takes just about 2-3 mins in the morning, less time than it takes for brushing teeth. But it's still an activity that I need to do with care. Especially after using the shaver, the tiny hair particles can get onto the lens and into the eyes, and you need to be super careful about that.

Used a lot of the cleaning fluid earlier, but now I have got used to using minimal. When you compare the cost of eating out and watching movies, this is one expense that is pretty easy to justify!

My lenses are monthly change, super thin silicone lenses that one can sleep in - and apparently, can be worn non stop for a month.  Have taken a couple of naps, but I still have this huge fear that they will stick to my eyes, and never come off - which makes it difficult for me to fall asleep in them!

On Sundays, I tend not to wear them - unless I am going out for some time - and that's a good way to rest and hydrate the eyes.

And yes, with my lenses taken care of, I have also started building my collection of glares. 4 already, making up in part for the decades I spent wishing for them!


mayank said...

Hi, did you ever evaluated option of LASIC surgery, I am thinking hard on getting you know any experiences on this..wearing glasses is so boaring

Siddhesh said...

No, somehow, the idea of someone burning my eyes with a laser scares the shit out of me.