Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I was never a fan of water, at least as far as drinking it was concerned... but since the last two months or so, primarily for health reasons, I ended up starting to drink gallons of it. Now, every time I see a nice glass of refreshing cold water, I realize how much water is valuable to mankind, why future wars are likely to be around water, why we need to make every effort to conserve and save this most precious of all resources!

As an example, when we visit conferences, you have these bottles of water lying around, and we do not hesitate to pick up a bottle, take a sip, and trash it, knowing we can always pick up another bottle next time! What a colossal waste of water! What's good to see is that many organizers are now going for the really tiny bottles, barely a couple of swigs - and while I have heard participants sniggering about how the organizers are stingy, it is actually a wonderful way to reduce wastage.

Whether it is reducing the time in the shower, to using the tiny bottles, or convincing the bai to close the tap while washing utensils, let us do our (not so tiny) bit to help conserve water!

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