Saturday, March 09, 2013

Movie Review: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns

Two and half years after the first instalment, SBAG Returns with a bang... like a bottle of wine, just so much better with age! 

SBAGR continues the stunning journey into bloodline and royalty in today's Uttar Pradesh, a web of politics, power, infidelity, crime and corruption. Stained glass windows, melancholy music, large havelis, a far cry from their glory days, but mesmerizing nevertheless.

The Saheb (Jimmy continuing his admirable performance) has survived the attack on his life, and along with his coterie of supporters, tries to retain his iron grip over his erstwhile kingdom from his wheelchair, but his handicap is threatening to undermine him. His wife (Mahie) is now an independent MLA, but her alcoholism renders her a sorry version of her self at most times. Enter the gangster, Irrfan Khan playing the scion of one of Saheb's old enemy, out for revenge. To make matters more complicated, he is in love with Ranjana (Soha, looking amazing in her royal role), the daughter of a nearby royal highness, who the Saheb has taken a fancy to, and wants to have, no matter what the means. As each tries to out do the other, the deadly game of power politics will have unpredictable twists and turns!

The performances continue to be top-notch, Jimmy and Mahie carrying on from SBAG, and Soha adding beautifully to the cast. The rest of the characters perfectly complement the leads.

Enjoy the screenplay, the dialogues, the thrills, the performances. SBAGR is a must see!

ps: Yet another movie with a big role for the Endy. That earns SBAGR an extra star from me :)

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