Sunday, March 24, 2013

While I Was Bathing

So, India was coasting towards 4 - 0 when I decided to take a quick break and a shower... and by the time I am back, India has lost 3 quick wickets... enough though there's barely 25 odd runs to win now, with 4 wickets down, Australia will feel like they might just have a chance.

With Dhoni and Pujara at the crease, India have two cool heads in control, and it should be a cake walk from here on. Hopefully. Unless I take another shower!

Sachin messed up what is possibly his last Test in India. And Ajinkya Rahane, after a very disturbed stay at the wicket in the first innings, showed what a rush of blood can do, stepping out to hit a shot when all he needed to do was hang on, and getting caught for 1. Will he get another chance, when Dhawan is available after his injury? Looks unlikely!

Meanwhile, Dhoni has hit one good shot to the boundary - and India now need less than 20 for a epic win.

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