Friday, March 22, 2013

Movie Review: Rangrezz

The first thing I loved about this movie is its name. Rangrezz. Sounds cool! Wonder what it means, though!

Rishi and his 2 closest friends live in the fishermen's colony in Mahim. Each with his own dream of making it big, each with his own love story, trials and tribulations. They put everything on the line when Rishi's childhood friend Joy turns up one day, in need of help. His girlfriend is under house arrest in a small town in UP, their love a victim of oneupmanship between two local politicians.

Rishi and his friends hatch a daring plan to "kidnap" the girl. While their plan works, and Joy and his girl escape to Goa for a fun-filled honeymoon, the friends pay a deadly price. Rishi loses his grandmom in an attack on their home by the politician's goons. His engagement to his childhood sweetheart also breaks down. One friend loses his leg, the other his hearing. But they bear it with a grin - anything for a friend!

But the good news doesn't last long - once their hormones get tired, Joy and his new bride face the reality of life together, and break off, returning to their politician parents, sick of each other.

Jackky Bhagnani is not bad. Not great at acting, but does decently well. A good dancer too. Comes across as sincere. Priya Anand delighted in English Vinglish, and has her moments here too, but her stylist and dress designer really needed to go up one level. The supporting cast, especially Vijay Verma as Pakkya, is good.

The movie has a great first half - good action, good humour, and a promising story. The kidnap sequence is high quality adrenalin, the sound track and action totally pumps up the tempo, building to a crescendo that just doesn't let go. Amazing. Post interval, though, the movie falters. The messaging is confused, and there are too many parallel tracks. The end is a little disappointing, but overall, not a bad watch.

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