Sunday, June 23, 2013

Camera Obscura in Edinburgh

One of the most unique and exciting attractions during our trip was the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh, on the terrace of a five floor building, packed with exciting optical illusions, hands on experiences and visually stunning shows.

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The Camera Obscura is a combination of a giant pinhole camera and a periscope. At the top of the tower is a dark chamber with a mirror on top which reflects light downwards, passing through three lenses before projecting a stunning image of the city onto a large white table. The guide turns and tilts the mirror to give a live 360° tour of Edinburgh combined with a fascinating and fun commentary. You can even pick up passers-by on your hand in this amazing interactive exhibit. Our guide was simply awesome too - pretty and petite, with an amazing sense of humor, with her dramatic tones and voice modulation and knowledge of Edinburgh making this one of the best tourist experiences ever!

Here are some pics (although none of the Obscura, given that it needs to be seen in a dark room - and no pics would do justice to it anyway!)...

Look closely - how many dolphins can you count? What were you looking at? :)

An amazing exhibit that slices and dices you and your partner - see it to believe it!

One of the many stunning holograms

A childhood version of me :) Yes, to be frank, I looked a little better!

A Chinese me :)

The giant and the midget!

A very interesting and sweet notice...

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