Sunday, June 16, 2013

NDA In Self-Destruct?

What is it with the NDA? Why do they want to screw up their own chances everytime the Congress hands them their heads on a platter? Having been severely battered by corruption, a slow economy, rising inflation and a general sense of disillusionment, the Congress seems to be at its weakest in the entire UPA/UPA2 era, and yet, just before the elections kick off, the BJP can seem to be able to get neither its own house in order, not dance with its partners. Nitish and the JD(U) are splitting, LK Advani made a spectacle of himself, and Modi, for all his charm and capabilities, seems to have perfected the art of alienation with his own colleagues, if not with the cadres.

The country is looking up to the new age BJP with a lot of hope, as a party capable of good governance and development, but recent developments are very worrying, and with regional parties  and outfits like the Federal Front of the Eastern states gaining in strength, one wonders how the scene will eventually play on the national stage.

Maybe choosing between the devil and deep sea, the known devil is better than the deep sea of confusion in the NDA?

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