Thursday, June 20, 2013

Printer Wonder

Bought a new HP printer the other day - a simple, basic home printer for around 6000 bucks. It has all the standard stuff - scan, fascimile and color/B&W printing, wireless connectivity etc.

But here's the amazing thing. The printer allows you to connect to the web, and deploy applications that access content, and then download it for printing. Imagine a cartoon a day. Imagine recipes. Imagine stories, news articles. Crossword puzzles. What an idea! You buy a printer, and then the printer ensures you keep printing over and over again! Brilliant.

Not to mention the dozens of forms and templates pre-built into the printer. Need to make a to do list? Travel reimbursement? Print an invite? Fret not. The printer has it all - just choose what you want, feed in the paper, and you are set!

You can now also update the printer software directly over the web, and mark the cartridges electronically in such a way that even if someone swaps them and tries to use them on another device, they simply won't work! Amazing!

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