Sunday, June 16, 2013

Movie Review: Man Of Steel

At 2.5 hours, MOS is far too long... and while the SFX and visualizations are pretty stunning at times, there's only so much you can take. A liberal dose of the editor's knife, and this could have been a great watch. Oh, and yes, someone stop making these 3D movies please... unless you are really gonna have things popping OUT of the screen!

The movie starts with a long and stretched account of how Superman is born on Krypton, and the baby sent to Earth, to help save the Kryptonian civilization from doom, when the planet implodes with an unstable core. Always trying to fit in, the baby grows up into a strong and handsome boy, adapted to the ways and atmospherics of the humans, his cells drawing on rays of the sun for strength. But when the Kryptonian general, long ago banished to the Phantom areas as punishment, returns to Earth, to claim it as the foundation of a new Krypton, Superman must reveal himself, win the trust of the Earthlings and save our world.

And when it's all done and dusted with, he ends up at the office of The Daily Planet, dressed a Clark Kent, the reporter, and the Superman we all know!

Not a bad watch, really - but be warned, it's far too long!

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