Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yummy Tummy

Travel is all about food for us, and the UK offered some delicious meals - although, given that we were travelling with a young child and two fussy senior citizens, the experimentation was severely limited... nothing as exotic as Hong Kong street food, for example... But here are some pics to whet your appetite...

Some delicious Lebanese tea
All time favourite - crispy squid rings

A delicious sea food palela

Delicious wood burnt pizza, squids and some cheese-filled portabello mushrooms

As pretty as it tastes - sea food salad

Some delicious soup along with scallops served in a giant shell

Beautiful lamb chops at Baker Street

Can a Naan get any bigger?

By far, the most beautiful Biryani at a Moroccan restaurant near the Edinburgh castle

My favourite - lamb slices in humus

Olives and feta cheese salad

Pomegranate rice

Beautiful flavoured coffee at M&S

Fruity tea at M&S

The M&S coffee shop - simply delicious offerings while you shop!

Stir fry squids

Prawns in bird's nest

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Tanmay Wagle said...

I am so craving for squids looking at these pics :(