Sunday, June 23, 2013

UK's Beautiful People

Had heard a lot about the grumpy and unfriendly British people - but London, Edinburgh and Inverness were so welcoming and friendly, especially compared to my experiences in mainland Europe. In general, we found people avoiding the "Hi, Howdy" conversations that are so typcial in America - instead getting into meaningful and intelligent dialogues. For example, I was clicking a London cab, and a local couple walking by stopped to ask me how I found London, whether it was my first trip, and then going on to recommend some good pubs and hang outs!

Another big difference is the way people carry themselves. No loose fitting and torn denims hanging half way below the butts. Beautiful well-tailored clothes (like in Hong Kong), sexy denims and skirts, high boots and stockings, great make up.

Children take advantage of a bright and sunny day, at the Portobello beach in Edinburgh

Mother and daughter at Hyde Park

A beautiful couple catch up on time at Portobello

The future of Inverness

Bagpiping her way into your hearts, at Edinburgh

Family time at Portobello

Eager tourists mingle with locals rushing home after a great day at Edinburgh

With her furry friends at Green Park near Buckingham Palace

The Tower of London guard poses for a pic

Selling souvenirs at Tower of London Bridge

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