Sunday, June 09, 2013

NaMo Reigns

Finally, the inevitable. Bowing to growing pressures from overwhelming majority of the party cadres, and an unmistakable wave of support from Gen Y, the BJP today named Modi to head its election panel for 2014, virtually closing the Advani chapter, and with it, his decades long wish to be PM, a wish that now seems likely to stay just that.

Will this be the nail in the coffin for the Congress, or will the Indian electorate prove that it doesn't forget and condone the past? Will this be the push India needs to march into future, or will the country have to wait for the crown prince from the Congress dynasty to assume reins?

Most importantly, will this finally bring the BJP together, or will the sulking Advanis, Uma Bharatis, Jaswant Singhs and Shartughan Sinhas of the party do another Yeddy on it?

Time will tell.

I, for one, am getting my electoral roll updated!

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