Saturday, June 22, 2013

Movie Review: World War Z

The world is swiftly and horrifyingly being taken over by zombies, and a UN official fights against odds to find a solution... from Korea to Israel to a remote WHO facility in Wales, he manages to stay step ahead of the increasingly deadly tribe of the walking dead closing in around him. But will it be enough to save the world, and his family, from doom?

WWZ has the familiar apocalypse theme we have seen in dozens of movies of the genre, but the treatment is fresh, the SFX and visualizations stunning, and the action fast paced and very realistic and plausible (to the level it can be in a zombie movie!). The opening sequence brilliantly sets up the tragedy to follow, with the father, the mom and the two daughters having breakfast in the kitchen... the moment of reckoning, the first attack of the zombies is brilliantly executed, with some stunning action shots. The scene of the zombies climbing over each other to cross over the high walls into Israel is simply brilliant. The end is a little predictable and filmy, but overall, here's a movie that begs to differ, and succeeds.

And yes, I got the 2D version - and enjoyed it a lot more without the heavy 3D glasses sitting on my nose... but it might not be too bad in 3D, given that it's shot in nice, bright light...

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