Sunday, June 09, 2013

Movie Review: Now You See Me

Another amazing movie this weekend, Now You See Me! A total and complete entertainer with great visuals, a beautiful cast, excellent dialogues and humour, some simple but wonderfully executed action, and most of all, a very different story line that keeps you totally engrossed through the entire length of the movie, begging for more.

Four street magicians end up with an invite to a secret location, and the "Four Horsemen" is born. Performing stunning acts of magic in front of thousands of live audience, police quickly realize the magic is just a vehicle to pull off unbelievable cons. Are they looking simply for glory, or is this a build up to a mega con? And who is really controlling the four?

A special mention for the cast - each one is absolutely spot on, and a visual delight. The harried officer (Mark Ruffalo), the three guy magicians, their sexy female team member (Isla Fisher), the Interpol lady officer with her seductive French accent (Melanie Laurent), and Morgan Freeman as the guy who exposes magicians on TV...

This is a movie very much for the big screen, so do see it while you can!

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Anonymous said...

My money wasn’t stolen from me when I saw this, but I was a bit ticked-off by how unbelievable the ending was. Nice review.