Saturday, June 01, 2013

Movie Review: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

What's Hot:

Ranbir as Bunny, the "I, me, myself want to live my life all over the world" guy, with some very intense moments, especially in the second half. I rate his YJHD performance much higher than his potrayal of the rock star.

A sizzling hot Deepika as a simple, family girl, who decides she's had enough of her boring life, and goes out on the trip of her life, where she meets her schoolmate Bunny, and falls in love. And then falls again almost a decade later. The way she's cried and smiled, you can't help feel for her. Intensely. Check the smile on her face when Bunny turns up at the marriage, and her tears when he comes back to her on New Year's.

Kalki, in a role she does so well!

A couple of amazing songs that will stay on the charts for ever... Balam Pichkaari and Battameez Dil. Lovely melody, great choreography, a sensual treat.

Item song by Madhuri. Could have been better, but compare what her peers (Juhi, for example) are up to! Madhuri looks simply stunning.

Stunning locales, both Indian and foreign.

What's Not:

The story, or lack of it.

The second half, meanders along aimlessly after a racy and pacy first half.

Sidharth Roy Kapoor and some of the supporting cast. Very average.

Should you watch the movie? Absolutely, no doubt about it!

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