Sunday, June 16, 2013

The UK Diaries

So, almost 3 weeks after I returned from the UK, the photos have finally been downloaded from the cam, and I am ready to blog a bit about the trip... beautiful memories, and while the pics attempt it, they don't really do full justice to the beautiful land of the Queen (whose family, it was reported in the Times of India today, has Indian DNA in it... )

Let's make a gentle start with the Mumbai - London flight (and a few pics of the return flight to desiland)... we left early in the morning, at around 6:00 am, which meant we had to leave from our cousin's place in Mumbai at 3:00 - it's fantastic to see the city still awake at that time, although most of the roads offer a free run!

Here are some pics from the aircraft... notice the amazing patterns on the land, seen from 10 km up in the sky...

Somewhere over the Iranian desert

Over Europe

Snow-capped mountains in the distance

Approaching Heathrow


That warm and fuzzy feeling on board Air India!


The sun sets down over Europe - the last few hours before touchdown in Amchi Mumbai!

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