Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting Around In the UK

A ferry on the Thames - great way to see the many pretty bridges of London

Our hop on hop off tour bus - wth an open deck on top

Quintessential London - the red double deckers

Another pretty bus

The black cabs now come in multi-color. Black cab drivers need to take a very, very tough test to qualify for a license! The cabs themselves can seat 6 comfortably in the cabin - not incuding the driver and co-driver!

Here's a yellow one

Yet another

Cycle-rickshaws are not rare!

What's that hanging at the back? A separate luggage rack?

A mini double decker along with a cute sportster

See what I mean? These ones in Edinburgh

Pay as you board - but no change returned!

Aah, I just love these pretty beasts

The spacious interior of the London cab

Always a Ford, always pretty!
More beauties

Yet another...

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